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circumcision surgery
Circumcision surgery in London
Circumcision surgery is to remove a male’s foreskin. It is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures.
professor suks minhas
Find A Private London Urologist
If you’re trying to find a Private London Urologist, Professor Suks Minhas is on the UK’s most eminent Consultant Urologists and Andrologists.
penile frenuloplasty
Penile Frenuloplasty Procedure
Frenuloplasty is a simple procedure that is often carried out under local anaesthetic.
private consultant urologist
Private Consultant Urologists in London
Professor Suks Minhas is a private consultant Urologist in London.
consultant urologist
What does a Consultant Urologist do?
Many have heard of a consultant urologist but what does a consultant urologist do?
erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction – Diagnosis and Treatment
Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is the repeated inability to obtain or maintain an erection that is sufficiently firm to achieve the kind of sex desired by a man and his partner.
fertility treatment
Male Fertility treatment in London
Fertility treatment is something many medical professionals focus on. Although this is often a focus solely on woman’s fertility treatment Male fertility treatment is just as important although finding a specialist can be a lot more difficult when it comes to men.
Suks Minhas
About Professor Suks Minhas
Professor Suks Minhas is a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist at Imperial College, London. 
pregnancy after vasectomy
Pregnancy after vasectomy: 6 questions to ask if you’re considering getting a vasectomy reversal
Circumstances can change, and some people do later wish to try and have more children. Here, we outline some of the key points to consider: 
penile reconstruction
What is penile reconstruction surgery?
Penile reconstructive surgery can actually mean a lot of different things.
testicular cancer
This is how to check for testicular cancer
Knowing how to self-examine your testicles and spot any potential symptoms of testicular cancer is important.
erectile dysfunction
Stress and erectile dysfunction: here’s what you need to know
Stress can impact our health and wellbeing in numerous ways – and this includes your sex life.
lifestyle factors
9 common lifestyle factors that could affect male fertility
We know lifestyle can have a significant impact on our overall health, so it makes sense that it might also affect the health of your sperm.
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