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Leading Surgeon Tet Yap and his internationally renowned partner Professor Suks Minhas have launched a new Men’s Health Clinic, London Andrology, to offer state-of-the-art treatment pathways with a tailored, patient-centred approach to support men with conditions associated with male fertility and sexual function.

The leading minds in their field have worked together for over 15 years, developing the most advanced treatments for sexual and reproductive needs. The team will also include Nutrition Expert - Komal Kumar, Psychosexual Consultant - Paula Allchorne, Genetics Expert - Charlotte Tomlinson, Functional Urology & Continence Consultant - Sachin Malde and Associate Consultant for Andrology - Eleni Anastasiadis. With their extensive clinical and research experience, the team have developed rigorous and patient-centred approaches to treating men’s health conditions.

The new clinic is expected to lead the way in treating men’s health conditions – from fertility issues including sperm retrievals and banking, varicocele repairs, vasectomies/reversals and management of complex genetic male infertility and sperm DNA fragmentation to sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement, prostate cancer survivorship and penile prosthesis surgery.

The two medical experts are also responsible for running the UK’s first and only multidisciplinary male fertility team discussions on complex cases and they have pulled together a team of professionals including andrologists, gynaecologists, embryologists, radiologists and other key leaders. This open discussion is vital for enhancing current and new treatments for patients and assuring consistency of care across specialities.

Surgeon Tet Yap, Co-founder of the clinic, commented on the launch, “Professor Minhas and I have worked together for a long time and believe we are now in a position to offer men in the UK a truly market-leading solution for male fertility and sexual function issues.

Unfortunately, men's sexual health is still a taboo subject for far too many of us and we want to offer a safe place for men and their partners and loved ones to be able to discuss their concerns openly knowing they will be getting the very best service and support.’

Contact the team at London Andrology to see how we can help with your sexual and reproductive needs.

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