Private Male Fertility Services

Private male fertility services are available in our world-class fertility centre. A centre where we put our patients and their goals first.

We are a team of specialists dedicated to helping our patients grow their families. By combining advanced technology, intensive training and compassion, our mission is to successfully conceive and deliver healthy babies.

Suks Minhas and Tet Yap from London Andrology are proud to have partnered with The Lister Fertility Clinic at The Portland Hospital. It is the UK’s only private hospital solely dedicated to the care of women and children and offers patients a personalised approach whilst specialising in advanced IVF and reproductive medicine.

Our fertility specialists support each patient by providing the best possible evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments for male and female infertility. We pride ourselves on our patient-oriented, supportive setting, and we happily welcome non-traditional families.

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Effective treatments restore male fertility

In the UK alone about one in seven couples are infertile. Male infertility plays a role in about 30% of these cases. By definition, infertile couples cannot conceive despite having had frequent unprotected sex for at least a year. Male infertility in the United Kingdom is common, and even though it may be an uncomfortable issue, it is important to face it and find answers.

Men who want children, but who cannot conceive, often feel frustration and extreme emotional distress. Several very effective male infertility treatments are now available. Based on the cause of the male infertility, treatments vary.

If your dream is to conceive, we will solve and effectively treat you. We have been successfully treating male infertility in London for many years and we have restored the joy of fatherhood for many men.

Our Private Fertility Services

No matter your unique journey, London Andrology and The Lister Fertility Clinic offers full private fertility services with a range of fertility treatments that cater to all shapes and sizes of families.

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Egg Freezing

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Early Pregnancy Care

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Recurrent miscarriage and Implantation Failure

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A male being infertile is as common as a woman being unable to conceive.

Infertility can be challenging for both you and your partner. Thankfully, male infertility testing is available and can determine your best path forward. Male infertility can often be treated with infertility drugs along with some high-tech procedures.

We’ll support you, regardless of your walk of life.

We are proud to welcome everyone in our fertility clinic doors. From heterosexual couples to gay partners, single or married men and women, transgender men and women, and all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Private Fertility Services London

Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Families who are facing infertility often have to deal with impersonal clinics and staff. We have designed our clinic with comfort and compassion in mind. By creating a friendly setting where patients feel comfortable, combined with a friendly team approach, we help maintain the trust of our patients.

Private Fertility Services London

Are you a hopeful parent looking for the next step?

Our Private Male Fertility Services can help you.

If you are struggling to conceive on your own, it may be time to consult with our fertility specialists. We use the latest diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your infertility and create a customised treatment plan that suits your needs and budget. 

Whether you want to grow your family now or preserve the option for later, our private male fertility service is available to you and can help.


Our founding principles.


We believe that open and honest communication is essential to the success of your fertility treatment.


Our compassionate approach to all that we do has helped to make our private fertility service a world-class destination.


Our offices are designed with warmth, peace of mind and accessibility in mind providing you with a completely supportive environment.


Our clinic is designed to be a place where families can feel comfortable to openly express their greatest hopes and share their deepest fears.


We pride ourselves on our timely appointments, clear billing, simple appointment setting, rapid responses and access to our medical staff.

World class facilities

We offer a cutting edge fertility clinic with world-class success rates, experienced medical staff & individualised, personal care to our patients.


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