Male fertility in London
Male fertility in London

All too often the focus is solely on woman’s fertility treatment, this is something London Andrology are trying to change. Male fertility treatment is just as important although finding a specialist can be a lot more difficult when it comes to men.

Men can be affected by numerous different conditions that can affect their fertility and Prof. Suks Minhas a Consultant Urologist and Andrologist and Mr Tet Yap a Consultant Urologist at London can help with many of them.

As leaders in the field of men’s health and a professional, experienced Prof. Suks Minhas and Mr Tet Yap can help with a wide variety of issues especially those based around male fertility. Fertility problems can make people feel embarrassed and will commonly cause stress and depression and many men who suffer from such issues will often feel like there is no help available.

Prof. Suks Minhas and Mr Tet Yap are looking to change that and they can help with a wide variety of issues at their London clinic. Don’t suffer in silence help is available and Prof. Suks Minhas and Mr Tet Yap are a professional team you can count on.

Areas of expertise

Male fertility problems are Prof. Suks Minhas and Tet Yap's main area of expertise, they have written about the subject numerous times and are considered a leading expert on the subject.

With such an illustrious careers and a wealth of experience in an often neglected field the team are well placed to offer a valuable opinion. Whether you are after a consultation of seeking treatment for a pre-existing condition they can help.

Male fertility issues/ conditions can take numerous forms and Mr Suks Minhas and Tet Yap can help with a wide-range of them. This includes issues like: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testicular pain, lumps and cysts, Pyronies disease, undescended testes and male urology.

They can also assist with other areas affecting male fertility like penile and testicular cancers, circumcision, vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, penile reconstruction and penile implants. Even this impressive range of expertise is still a small sample of the things the team can help with. So, if you need help with an issue not mention is this list but it is affecting your fertility get in touch.

Treating Male Fertility 

Male infertility care is something that is not often considered by many people and is suffering from serious neglect when it comes to public opinion. The charity Fertility Network UK surveyed men looking for help to become Father’s and found the many had found the care they had received to be insensitive and inadequate.

Male infertility and fertility problems/ conditions deserve more attention and Prof. Suks Minhas is helping shine a light on these issues. Men often feel ignored at best and completely excluded at worst but Prof. Suks Minhas and Tet Yap are looking to change that with their London clinic which specialises in male fertility treatment.

There is certainly a lack of options for men when it comes to issues regarding fertility but now with Prof. Suks Minhas and Tet Yap's London clinic, men will be able to get professional help and consultations for a wide-range of issues. So, if you are suffering from a fertility problem or fear you might be help is available so get in contact today.

This article is intended to inform and give insight but not treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a doctor. Always seek medical advice with any questions regarding a medical condition.

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