Boosting Performance: Tips from a Urologist
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There are a variety of reasons you might be considering boosting your sexual performance. Many men are looking for ways to increase pleasure for themselves and their partners.

Two of the most common concerns for men worried about their performance are low sex drive, also known as low libido, and erectile dysfunction. Both of these common concerns are treatable and have a few things in common.

About low libido

Low libido is more common for men over the age of 50. It’s not necessarily considered a normal part of ageing, but due to the high prevalence, many don’t think twice about this. There are many different ways to work on increasing your libido and this list covers all the basics to get you started.

About erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is when someone is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for a period of time. One in every two men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, so if you’re worried about this, know you’re not alone. If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, start with these tips before you talk with your doctor.

Boosting performance

Many of the following tips apply to both concerns around low libido and erectile dysfunction. To get started on boosting your performance and return to your regular stand-up self, try some of these suggestions.

Stand tall in front of the mirror

Confidence is a big factor in sexual drive. If you don’t think you’re capable of pleasing yourself or your partner, you’re much less likely to even want to get started, let alone perform like an Olympian.

If you know your confidence isn’t great, consider exploring where those fears and anxieties come from. If you can uncover the root of your confidence issues, you’ll be fast-tracking your way to a better night in.

Read up on testosterone

Low testosterone can make a major difference in a man’s libido. Other symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, moodiness, erectile dysfunction, and difficulties with concentration and memory.

Boosting testosterone naturally starts with the right diet and exercise. Vitamins and ingredients that support healthy testosterone production include:

  • Vitamin D (fatty fish like salmon, tuna)
  • Magnesium (spinach, almonds, cashews)
  • Protein (lean beef, chicken, tofu, nuts, seeds)

Connect with your partner

Are you connecting with your partner beyond your intimate times? If your relationship doesn’t feel fulfilling, you’re not as likely to want to consummate your love. 

Many people’s sex drives naturally reach a lull at certain stages of the relationship. If this sounds like you, take some time to reconnect with your partner. Talk about the things that you love about each other. You can also work to rekindle the passion you had when you started the relationship by dating again. 

Take note of what you’re eating

What we eat in a day affects everything in the body, including libido. Eating certain foods can lower both partners’ sex drives. Rather than wanting to get close and personal, you’re more likely to want to go take a nap. Try and avoid these foods before your plans for sexual activities:

  • Cheese
  • Red meat
  • Liquorice
  • Mint
  • Fried foods

Share how you’re feeling

Depression doesn’t just affect your feelings. In fact, both men and women who suffer from depression tend to have reduced libidos. Getting help for depression can be the first step for increasing your libido.

Alternatively, some medications that are prescribed for depression (and anxiety) can come with side effects that harm libido. Check your medication’s risk information or speak with your doctor if you think this might apply to you.

Move your body

Exercising is known to be linked with many health factors. It can boost a low libido, reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, and improve symptoms of both of these concerns. Regular exercise isn’t just good for increasing libido, it also helps men to cope with emotional issues like low confidence and sudden relationship changes.

A study completed in 2015 links walking activities with improvements for erectile dysfunction in a group of men. This means that you don’t even have to go all the way to the gym to start receiving benefits from activities at home. 

Take a step away from stress

How stressed are you, really? Stress plays an important role in the body’s fight or flight system. If this system is being activated all the time, your body isn’t going to have a lot of resources left to have a grand performance. 

Reducing stress is always easier said than done. You might start with learning some breathing exercises for when the world just gets to be too much. Changing up your diet and adding more exercise is also effective at reducing stress.

Get back to the present

Stress, fear, low confidence, all these things can contribute to getting just a little too far into your own head. If you’re not present in your body, you’re reducing your chances of enjoying yourself in the moment.

Connecting with your partner, looking them in the eyes, and listening to your breathing are some things that can help pull you out of your worries and get back to the present. If you’re really worried about getting lost in your thoughts, try some mindfulness exercises at home to get into the habit of being present.

Put the beer and cigarettes away

Most men notice a relationship between how much they drink and how successfully they can have an erection. Highly linked with erectile dysfunction, alcohol before intimacy isn’t usually a good idea. It might get you in the mood but can lower performance by a lot. 

Just note, it can take up to five days for alcohol’s effects to leave the body, so be patient. Many men see an improvement in performance after this lifestyle change.

Smoking and taking drugs also apply here. While easier said than done, quitting smoking can seriously improve erectile dysfunction. Smoking has been related to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction, which means the sooner you can start your journey to quitting, the sooner you can get it back on in the bedroom.

Have a nap

Are you sleeping enough? Not getting enough hours of sleep often means higher levels of fatigue, lower energy, lower libido, and even lower testosterone. Your body needs the rest to be able to function smoothly, which means more rest will make for a better performance.

Try to make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Additionally, getting enough sleep means your body has the chance to produce higher levels of testosterone, increasing your libido along the way.

The takeaway

If you’re worried about low libido or erectile dysfunction, there are lots of things you can do to try to remedy some of the symptoms at home. Start with these basic tips, from food to exercise, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your sexual performance.

This article is intended to inform and give insight but not treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a doctor. Always seek medical advice with any questions regarding a medical condition.

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