Testicle pain (testicular pain) is pain that occurs in or around one or both testicles. Sometimes testicle pain actually originates from somewhere else in the groin or abdomen, and is felt in one or both testicles (referred pain).

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Men of all ages experience pain in their testicles at some point in their life. The pain may be felt in one or both testicles and may also radiate to other regions, such as the groin, penis or leg. 

Some problems may not directly involve the testicles but may be felt there, for example, some men with kidney stones may feel pain in their testicle when the stone gets close to passing. 

One common cause of testicular pain is trauma; the testicle are outside of the body and as such as vulnerable to injury from being struck while playing sports or engaging in sexual activity. Infection or inflammation of the testicle is also common and can be a source for testicular pain. 

Structures adjacent to the testicle can cause pain; for example:

  • hydroceles (a sack of fluid around the testicle) 
  • varicoceles (varicose veins of the scrotum)
  • large epididymal cysts (fluid pockets within the epididymis where sperm mature)
  • inguinal hernias


With more severe pain, you’ll need to seek treatment from your doctor. Your doctor will complete a physical exam of your abdomen, groin, and scrotum to determine what’s causing your pain and will also ask you about your current health conditions and any other symptoms. To accurately diagnose your condition, your doctor may need to order additional tests, including:

  • An ultrasound, which is a type of imaging test, of the testicles and scrotal sac
  • A urinalysis
  • Urine cultures
  • An examination of secretions from the prostate, which requires a rectal exam


Call your doctor for an appointment if:

  • You feel a lump on your scrotum
  • You develop a fever
  • Your scrotum is red, warm to the touch, or tender
  • You’ve recently been in contact with someone who has the mumps

You should seek emergency medical attention if your testicular pain:

  • Is sudden or severe
  • Occurs along with nausea or vomiting
  • Is caused by an injury that’s painful or if swelling occurs after one hour


Once your doctor diagnoses the cause of your pain, they’ll be able to provide treatment. The treatment may include:

  • Antibiotics to treat an infection
  • Surgery to untwist the testicle if you have testicular torsion
  • A surgical evaluation for potential correction of an undescended testicle
  • Pain medications
  • Surgery to reduce fluid accumulation in the testicles

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