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private consultant urologist

Professor Suks Minhas is a private consultant Urologist in London. He is highly-regarded and considered to be one of the top Urology specialists in the country. Offering his services through his private clinic, he provides patients with the care and treatment associated with a wide range of problems. 

He dedicates his time to Urology and has a reputation that puts him up there as one of the best in his field. His private urology clinic has a reputation for treating a wide range of urological issues and conditions. This includes all conditions that affect male and female urinary tracts as well as the male reproductive system.

A Private Clinic With a First-Class Reputation

At his clinic, patients will benefit from a level of care that focuses on their specific needs. Ranging from non-surgical issues such as urinary tract infection to managing cancers and correcting congenital abnormalities. As a specialist in his field, Mr Suks Minhas aims to deliver a quality of care that puts patients at ease. 

As a leading consultant, his expertise and knowledge ensure that patients receive the very best treatment and care. Mr Suks Minhas uses traditional methods and treatments as well as pioneering and modern methods. Along with this, he ensures that he finds the right treatment and solutions for all patients. From managing problems to identifying a cure to issues faced by all patients, he relies on his vast experience and understanding to identify the correct treatment. 

From the very moment patients meet Mr Suks Minhas, he can help to diagnose and treat issues that affect all organs that are covered by Urology such as:

•male reproductive organs
•ureters (tubes that run from the kidney to the bladder)
•urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to where it leaves the body)
Our expert team uses high-tech equipment and sophisticated approaches to provide urological services including:
•urinary tract infections and obstruction (including blood in urine)
•urological cancers (including prostate cancer and bladder cancer)
•kidney stones
•male to female genital reconstructive surgery
•correction of congenital abnormalities
•treatment of benign prostate conditions
•correction of stress incontinence
•male fertility

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