Congenital curvature of the penis is a condition that affects men from birth. The condition causes curvature of the penis during erection and is often noticed from an early age. Unlike Peyronie’s disease, there is no scar tissue and so, the condition does not alter or change over time. This is a rate condition and it is thought that less than 1% of men experience penile curvature. When the problem is congenital, it simply means that men are born with the condition, which makes it different from Peyronie’s disease.


To diagnose Congenital Curvature of the Penis, a specialist with talk about your medical and sexual history. This is often enough to determine a diagnosis of the condition. In some cases, an examination will be required while the penis is erect. This can be achieved through an injection of vasoactive drugs which cause an erection.


The most noticeable symptom is a curve in the shape of the penis during an erection. This is a problem that would have been present for as long as they can remember. Often, it is recognised during puberty or early adulthood. In some cases, it can cause pain but can also cause problems relating to sexual intercourse.


The reconstructive procedure to treat congenital curvature of the penis involves exposing the body of the penis. This is done to shorten the side of the penis opposite the curvature so that it matches the other side. Once the procedure has been carried out, the penis will be straighter during erection and will enable patients to lead a sexually active lifestyle without problems. The treatment is commonly carried out as a day case. However, the penis may not be completely straight and curvatures can recur.


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